Product Care & Instructions

The Ryd-Guard is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. Our protective barriers for ride-share drivers and passengers are made of Polycarbonate Clear Plastic. Polycarbonate is a impact resistant plastic with outstanding durability and transparency. Polycarbonate is also considerably less toxic than many other plastics, and the ease with which it can be recycled adds to its environmental friendliness.


Assemble Your Ryd-Guard

STEP 1 - Remove protective film on both sides.

STEP 2 - Open the package containing hooks and install on the back of the headrest posts.

STEP 3 - Insert VelcroTM straps into the security slots.

STEP 4 - Position Ryd-Guard panel carefully onto the positioned hooks so it rests nicely.

STEP 5 - Push Ryd-Guard forward and wrap VelcroTM straps around seat posts or headrests.

Secure tightly.


Care for your Ryd-Guard

  1. Use a soft cloth - similar to what you would use to clean sun glasses.
  2. Wash with warm water and dish soap or PLEXICLEAN
  3. Do not clean with stronger disinfectants or popular household cleaners such as Windex or 409 these cleaners containing ammonia will cause damage to polycarbonate sheets and should never be used as a substitute for a proper cleaner like PLEXICLEAN.
  4. Store Ryd-Guard sheet and accessories if you can - somewhere the lens won't be bumped or scraped.
  5. If your Ryd-Guard has become scratched or damaged please recycle both the sheet lens and the clips.