“I’m from the Show-me State so when I received my Ryd Guard, I was excited, thinking – okay Ryd Guard – Show Me! Ryd Guard is very easy to install, and I am thrilled it utilizes a Velcro strap system. That makes it easy to take out if I wish to drive without it. I love that Ryd Guard can sanitized quickly with wipes in between rides or with antibacterial soap and water. Ryd Guard’s recyclability is of paramount importance to me. It allows me to help keep my community safer while still being a steward of our environment. I also wish to say the customer service has been outstanding.”

“I have received very positive responses from all of my passengers about Ryd Guard. I gave approximately 45 rides this past weekend. I told my passengers I installed Ryd Guard as extra protection for their safety and mine. The passengers were very impressed! I also pointed out it was made in the United States and easily sanitized in between rides.”

“All of my passengers have provided very positive feedback regarding having the Ryd Guard shield as an additional social barrier. They were impressed with the consideration of installing the extra protection. They asked how they could request me as their driver because of how safe they felt.”

“I feel Ryd Guard gives the driver and passenger an extra barrier when six feet of social distancing is not possible. While I know nothing is 100% full proof against virus protection, Ryd Guard is like giving my car its own interior face covering to partially block the spread of germs. I personally need all the added protection I can get, as do my passengers during this challenging time. I think Ryd Guard is a great idea.”

“Ironically, I was looking for a compartmental divider before any of us heard of COVID-19, but, I wasn't sure if my passengers would be positive about it. Now, the decision to buy a Ryd Guard is a no-brainer. You have to have one. Please know I didn’t take this decision lightly. Because of COVID-19 and a variety of restrictions under shelter in place and subsequent consequences, I did not drive from March 13, 2020 until September 12, 2020. It was demoralizing not to be considered an “essential worker” so when I was able to drive again, I was determined to take every safety precaution. Ryd Guard was the answer!”