Ryd-Guard | Clear Protective Barrier

Ryd-Guard is a transparent protective barrier that fastens to the vehicle interiors. The clear shield acts as a protective barrier between the driver and passengers. Ryd-Guard is easily attached and removed using a patent-pending strap system. This product creates a solution for rideshare drivers and passengers by providing an extra layer of safety during these unprecedented times.

Ryd Guard Installation Video

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Ryd-Guard is an easy solution

I bought Ryd-Guard to create a safety barrier for myself and my customers. My customers loved the peace of mind Ryd-Guard provides. And it took less than a minute to set up!


I am a part time driver, what I loved most is how easy it is to set up and remove. I keep it in my trunk and set it up when I start driving. It's a great product!


I found this product helpful during COVID-19 and it gave me the confidence to generate driving income while using extra safety percaustions with my customers.


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